Lyrics:Mrs. Cinderella

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Mrs. Cinderella
By: They Might Be Giants
Year: 1988

Mrs. Cinderella Mrs. Cinderella Please don't pound on my chest I can not see you now I can not have seen you before

When it turns twelve o'clock I'll be back by myself And you'll be back in his arms As Mrs. Somebody Else

Mrs. Cinderella Please don't knock down my door You've been around the world And I've been around my block

When I hear you sing (when I hear you sing) I hear somebody talking (I hear somebody talking) And when I hear you talking (and when I hear you talking) I hear somebody sing (I hear somebody sing)

Flansburgh message from 1988: Hi, this is John of They Might Be Giants, thank you for calling our Dial-A-Song service. We have a new album out, it's available in record stores, it's called "Lincoln". It features 18 new songs, so please run and get it and uh, I'd like to remind you that we are on tour playing all across America, so come see us perform.