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By: They Might Be Giants
Year: 2004

FLANSBURGH: Ladies and gentlemen, a couple of months ago it was our privilege to, uh, to team up with the fine corporation {audience cheers} based right out out of here in the fine state of Georgia, ladies and gentlemen. If you haven't seen the "Experimental Film" video that they put together at the, uh, place, we'd like to invite you to check it out. Um, we have some representatives from the organization with us here tonight. Um, Mr. Linnell, will you, uh, introduce our first spokesmodel?

LINNELL: Um.. what do we, how do we do this? Marty start the song, then.. the whole place gets crazy?

FLANSBURGH: Uh, I think we should start, I think we should start with the spotlight on so we can cherish every moment of what we're about to experience.

LINNELL: Okay, well that would be a job for our lighting man.. Ladies and gentlemen, our next guest is, uh, cylindrical. Okay, go ahead Marty. {Marty counts time with his drumsticks and the music begins.}

MARSHIE: Hey juys! {like "guys" but with a "j" sound}

DEEP VOICE: Hey, Marshie, how ya doin?

MARSHIE: Pretty good!

{singing} I'm feelin' like Milton Berle I'm lookin like vanilla swirl So come along and dance with me girl What's the matter, don't you have any legs?

{spoken} Hey! How y'all feelin' out there? {the audience cheers} I'm a talkin' marshmallow!

I'm felling like Milton Berle {Flansburgh and Linnell sing back-up:} (Marshie! Marshie!) Don't call me a mushroom! (Marshie!) Everybody loves me! (Marshie!) The first one to eat a millions wins!

Get in the van! Get in the van! Get in the van, kids! Get in the van! We're giving away puppies! And ice cream! And ding-dogs! Hey! (Marshie!) Hey, that's me! (Marshie!) They're singing about me! (Marshie!) Get out of my dressing room! (Marshie!) I think I'm in looooooooooooooooove.

FLANSBURGH: {music ends} Marshie, ladies and gentlemen!

LINNELL: Please give a warm hand.

MARSHIE: Thanks, juys! I'm goin' this wayyy!

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