Lyrics:Live In Nashville (Part 2)

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Live In Nashville (Part 2)
By: They Might Be Giants
Year: 1985

P.H. W: You're listening to They Might Be Giants, live from Nashville. Let's return now to the stage where John and John are about to emerge from their automobile.

JF: Thank you, thank you all. You know, it's been a long journey for both of us, packing all of our instruments and amplifiers into the bus, driving onto the stage at the Brand New Opry, pulling up to the phone and getting out; but you all make it seem so worthwhile. This song we're about to do is dedicated to each and every one of you. All the people who made it happen; Sally Fields, Sally Jessy Raphaël, Sally Struthers, Sally from Peanuts! This song goes out to all of you, and it's called Cowtown.