Lyrics:Letterbox Intro

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Letterbox Intro
By: They Might Be Giants
Year: 2001

JF: What's next? I can't read the setlist; I took medication. What's it say?

Dan/"Teleprompter Guy": Letterbox

JF: Letterbox. Okay. I know how that one goes.

JL: Was that Danny or was that the teleprompter guy? We got these things now...people can have private communications with-

JF: Yeah. Actually, no it's the, we've got these three days ago. I don't even know who wears these things. Like, Dave Matthews or something. Like, it's like the "modern thing." Evidently it helps with uh, um, deafness.

JL: For people in the back of the audience, we're wearing little earplugs in our-

JF: But it's electronically linked, to uh...stuff. And-

JL: We're listening to The Sopranos right now.

JF: But-

JL: Fuck y'all!

JF: Fuck all y'all! But the thing that's cool about these...the weirdest effect of this is that because they're they're...if it was just the mics on stage it would be completely dead, um, and give you kinda that Steely Dan vibe free...thing. They, um, our...our very conscientious soundman uh...uh...John Carter has set up these PZM microphones right here that give us, like, a bit of the house so... Basically, we wouldn't be able to hear applause at the end of songs if these things weren't here. But as we're going on stage, we can hear conversations, you know, before it's like... "You think they're gonna do...Fingertips on it?" And it's, it's really...and we also have this wireless, so...and, and the vocals come through these we were thinking, maybe tomorrow night if the show isn't canceled cause of the storm, we could just have these things on before and kind of start doing like a "My Mother The Car" like: (deep voice) "No, they are not doing Fingertips tonight." But that show's not gonna happen anyway because of the storm. So,uh, here we go, here's a song, it's called Letterbox. Ready fellas?