Lyrics:Lesson 16

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Lesson 16
By: They Might Be Giants
Year: 2006

Lesson 16.

"Mehyoodna" Mother

"Mehyoodnat khoss" Your mother

"Hutcht knak" Vacation

"Mehyoodnat khoss dham hutcht knak khuhplovha" Your mother and I are going on a vacation together

"Khoss mek yeeh" You will stay here

"Ang" Alone

"Ang khoss mek yeeh" You will stay here alone

"Mehyoodnat khoss dham vek Dehlinkwangt meeveh" Your mother and I are carrying on like a couple of juvenile delinquents

"Fehyozend gham shtim dreh" I'm not your real father

"Fehyozen jeedt" I killed your father

"Hehyalkin doht" It was an accident

"Eck gham" No, really

"Brech sigang khalabv shnit" You're not old enough to understand

"Kokoktno zvn jvamm jvamm" I will explain it in song


"Ghojne vik znam hutchtent nho" Love makes the world spin around

"Ghodak nheen elekterokyooteln" Love electrocutes the heart

"Fehyozen gham ochbrash nheeh" So I had to strangle your real father

"Kortkaks bovgheechn vuhl" I wrung his neck like a duckling

"Brohd neeh" I'm only kidding

"Tchadt vehd j'dkhak" None of this really happened

"Fotografen kohznt" There are no photographs