Lyrics:I Am A Human Head

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I Am A Human Head
By: They Might Be Giants
Year: 2000

I'm a human head And my best friend is also a head I don't really need my best friend

Now my friend is gone And I'm only a head by myself I find I don't need my whole head

Now I'm just the top of a head Just the scalp and a hair I don't like the scalp, just the hair

What do I really need? Best friend, also a head Just the head, just the scalp Hair

Friend, no Head, no Scalp, no Hair

I am only one human hair With no scalp for a home All I need's the top of a head

Now all I am is just a scalp I don't have any head I'd be glad if I had a head

Now I have a head look at me I'm a fine floating head Where is my friend, the other head?