Lyrics:Hodgman Promo 3

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Hodgman Promo 3
By: They Might Be Giants
Year: 2001

Robin Goldwasser: What's going on with Felipe Olivera?

John Hodgman: When John Hodgman needed a subletter for his apartment, Olivera said he was the man for the job.

RG: But his resume tells a different story.

JH: Turns out, Olivera was not just a local waiter, but also a Portuguese hypnotist.

RG: Say what?

JH: Turns out, Felipe Olivera also goes by the name of PHIL MOORE.

RG: Run that by me again?

JH: What Olivera doesn't want you to know is that when he skipped out on twelve hundred dollars worth of back-rent, Hodgman's landlord described Olivera as a deadbeat.

RG: Deadbeat...

JH: And said that Olivera had been caught masturbating out the window.

RG: Masturbating out the window...

JH: On two separate occasions.

RG: Cat out of the bag, Mr. Olivera? John Hodgman is a better choice.

JH: He has never practiced hypnosis. Never used an alias. And has only masturbated out the window once.

RG: Olivera...deadbeat...masturbator...hypnotist...

JH: Grant John Hodgman a summary judgment against Felipe Olivera, and let him move on with his life.

RG: After all, it's time to rebuild, not masturbate out the window.

John Flansburgh: Paid for by the friends of John Hodgman.