Lyrics:Gloria Says "This Guy's A Nut"

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Gloria Says "This Guy's A Nut"
By: They Might Be Giants
Year: 2003

Friend: ..Anything, they just--

Gloria: But what does he get--how does he make money on this? Whatever he's advertising in the paper. This is the part that don't make no sense.

Friend: Oh, he's advertising this in the paper you saw it.

Gloria: In the Village Voice, yeah. They got a--that's where the Kiss Clinic, but they give you another number if you wanna join it. Then I got the "intellectuals meet with other intellectuals..."

Friend: Yeah.

Gloria: "...speak another language."

Friend: Yeah. Oh.

Gloria: They meet at La Met--La Maisonette restaurant. They give you the price. Then they give you another number to call if you're interested. This guy... all you get is this here recording, but u-w--I don't see how he makes money.

Friend: Yeah, yeah.

Gloria: You know what I'm saying? It's just.... They got the craziest things in that paper. Then they got Dial-A-Stripper.

Friend: ...Yeah?

Gloria: Yeah, they got Stripper-Grams, all kinds of crazy things--

Friend: Well, how the hell do you dial a stripper? A stripper dances.

Gloria: You dial a stripper, they come right to your house.

Friend: Really?

Gloria: Yeah, but you've got to pay for them... Yeah!

Friend: They come in person?

Gloria: Yeah, they come in person! They have gorill- they come with a gorilla, or some come with a lion, there's got the craziest things in this paper. Here, Dial-A-Stripper! There's a few of those.

Friend: Well, I don't know-- (indistinguishable)

Gloria: I don't think that one is a recording, I think that one is live. I don't know, I didn't call it.

Friend: Oh, but you've got to pay for that; to call a stripper, no, you know?

Gloria: Well, she comes over you gotta pay, yeah. I'm not connecting my number to that.

Friend: No, because she must be a hustler.

Gloria: What? (laughing) I don't want to connect my phone to that stuff.

Friend: Oh, no, of course not.

Gloria: Then I'm interfering with somebody's business. This is just a recording; that's a live thing.

Friend: Yeah, yeah.

Gloria: And they have, umm...Dial-A-Balloon.

Friend: Yeah, yeah.

Gloria: They come over with all--they got the craziest things. But this one here-- "There Must Be Giants," it's called. And it says "call machine," and they got the phone number.

Friend: Yeah.

Gloria: But what kind of money does he make? It don't make no sense. Well, he don't make any money, right?

Friend: No.

Gloria: But, that's--then he's a nut, right?

Friend: Yeah, right.