Lyrics:Flansy Stays In The Picture

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Flansy Stays In The Picture
By: They Might Be Giants
Year: 2003

It was 2001... Things were tough... But, they'd been tougher. I got a call from Schnack. In L.A.!

Schnoocky, what's a big-time video guy doing in the doc game? That's strictly kids stuff... You got a mortgage. Grow up Schnoocky!

Schnack says to me, Flanso, this is different. DVD, independent distribution... Whole different deal. He was sellin', but I wasn't buyin'.

Schnoocky, I didn't live through three world wars to be buried alive in my own bullshit. You wanna carve my tombstone, maybe you should kill me first.

Skeptical? You bet I was. I found out that day Any man who has a lawyer who thinks he knows the mind of a documentary filmmaker has a fool for a client. The film was on... And it was gonna be big.

No sooner had I hung up the phone than A.J. was on the road. I dunno if he was in a VW minibus, but he was talking to every hippie I ever worked with.

The DV stock was cheap, but not as cheap as the talk. He was interviewing fifty people, a hundred people, two hundred people, whatever it took to get the story...

...To get the story wrong!