Lyrics:Dr. Sy Fly

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Dr. Sy Fly
By: They Might Be Giants
Year: 2018

He'll see you now Diagnose with compound eyes, multiply the problem And his name is Dr. Sy Fly

He'll see what's wrong And he'll be what's wrong as he twitches his proboscis And he'll tell you your prognosis

He's going to have to amputate He's going to chop off all that you got Yank out the stuff inside of you After which he'll play nine holes of golf

His phone rings, it's An emergency someone needs their brain replaced with A potato salad sandwich

A buzzer sounds As he tries to take out Cavity Sam's wrenched ankle And he accidentally kills him

Dr. Sy Fly is deep in thought Motioning to the nurse at his side Hand him the saw, hand him the drill Sponge all the moisture off of his brow