Lyrics:Doom Doom

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Doom Doom
By: They Might Be Giants
Year: 2011

Lore Lore There's a weapon at your door And it's pointed at your eyesocket (Doppelgängers of They)

Drone Drone It's a missile to your home And the missile's got your name on it (Doppelgängers of They)

"Park the car, and hitch a star to the Doppelgängers of They."

Doom Doom It's a rocket from the tomb And the rocket's got your name on it (Doppelgängers of They)

Doom Doom There's a bucket in your room And the bucket's got your vibe in it (Doppelgängers of They)

"Bring your buckets, Doom. You think you're sick, but we're sick. We threw a bomb in your hair, So quit shaking it out."

Bang Bang Is the leader of the gang With a cap for your brain pocket (Doppelgängers of They)

Bang Bang And the leader of the gang Put your thumb in the wall socket (Doppelgängers of They)

"Wake up, (fruity??). They gonna get you."