Lyrics:Disappointing Show

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Disappointing Show
By: They Might Be Giants
Year: 2001

Mr. John Flansburgh: "This, uh, song. This song is called 'Other Show'...'Other Kind Of Show'. It's called 'Disappointing Show.'"

Disappointing show I saw it Disappointing show Man those guys blow Disappointing show Get your shit together Disappointing show Man those guys blow

Flansburgh: "On the drums, Mr. Joseph Stalin on the drums, ladies and gentlemen! Man... some other guy on the bass. Check him out. Whoa! Slow down, slow down. Oh, on the guitar, yeah, that's... play it, son. Yeah."

Disappointing show, yeah Man, those guys blow I tried to sing along Then it all went wrong Disappointing show Then the next song came on That's when it all went wrong And the PA fell on the crowd Then the cops came And took us away For an extended period of questioning about the PA What went wrong? Should've rehearsed more And talked about the song sequence Disappointing show

Flansburgh: "Ladies and gentlemen!" Mr. John Linnell: "Ladies and gentlemen..."

Coppity Coopity UUuhhh...