Lyrics:Definition Of Good

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Definition Of Good
By: They Might Be Giants
Year: 2015

Oh Definition of good Clams secretly smiling at clam jokes

Oh Definition of good Conversations in fake Russian accent

Food that's colored wrong Ping pong balls are eyes Blanket over the dinner table makes a house Spin until you fall down President in a wig Cardboard box that a large appliance came in

Oh Definition of good Two flamingos engaging in a fruit fight

Oh Definition of good Listening to the work of Captain Beefheart

Paper cup for a snout Everyone in a pile Mixing pieces from two different board games Sleeping in the bathtub Candy wax lips Thing that's stored in a larger version of itself

Oh Definition of good Unbelievably real shadow puppets

Masterminding a scheme Hide and seek with a dog Arm that stretches around the world and taps your arm

Oh Definition of good Understanding a complicated puzzle

Laughing at the same thing Looking into your eyes Knowing everything that the other is thinking