Lyrics:D Is For Drums

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D Is For Drums
By: They Might Be Giants
Year: 2005

JL: Hey John. JF: Oh hey John. JL: What's going on? JF: Man, I'm confused. JL: You're confused, why? JF: I- I'm no good at remembering stuff. JL: Really? JF: Yeah. JL: Like what? JF: I can't remember what D is for! JL: You can't remember what D is for?! JF: I think it's for an instrument you play in a band. JL: I'm surprised you can't remember what D is for. JF: I can't remember; there's too much noise. JL: Put your thinking cap on, John, I'll give you a hint. JF: See I can't find my thinking cap, I think it's lost! JL: John, come on tell me, D is for what? JF: D is for something that you play with sticks. JL: That's right, that's right, you're getting close.

D is for drums, yes D is for drums! D is for drums, yes D is for drums!

JL: Well, I'm glad we got that straight. JF: Hey John, I need- JL: Yeah? JF: I need some juice. JL: I got some juice. JF: Well, let's go to your house. JL: Okay. I'll meet you over there. JF: Okay.

D is for drums, D is for drums!