Lyrics:Cloisonné (Live At Large)

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Cloisonné (Live At Large)
By: They Might Be Giants
Year: 2012

JF: So, um, we've been traveling across the country visiting, ah, ah, public schools in the middle of the night and stealing bass clarinets, as part of a... Audience: Whoo! JL: Yes. Yes, you're right to approve. JF: We're working in a...we're working on behalf of the Save The Music Foundation for VH1, collecting these instruments and then giving them back to public schools in supports of musical instruments in public schools. JL: It's for the kids. JF: It's for the kids, people. JL: It's to help the kids. JF: You'd be amazed what twenty dollars can do with a high school custodian these days. Bass clarinets for everybody. All my friends. So, uh, Danny Weinkauf is playing the keyboards on this next number. And, uh, and of course it is time...Can we get the proper sound check on the bass clarinet for my headset, cause I just want to make sure it's on. JF: Ah, yes. Beautiful. Whoa! Okay, okay. JL: Now it's on. JF: Now...yeah. Actually the bass clarinet has taken over all my thoughts. If we could bring it down in my headset just a little bit that would be...I need to remember that we're playing a song. Ah, so here's another song that we like to do. It goes like this.

One, two, three, four

Mind your business Mind your business Mind your never-shut, Quonset hut business

My craft is exploding It's like I'm making cloisonné Choking on my dust With my three blind cats

You've got a friend in law enforcement Don't go calling law enforcement Business Mind your business

Got too busy explaining Now it's just raining pain Pain in the form of a rain drop Yes, a rain drop made of pain

Tell 'em the story, rain drop "I don't want to tell 'em, mister!" Tell 'em the story, rain drop "I don't want to tell 'em!"

Keep your voice down Keep your voice down Keep your window-shaking, godforsaken voice down

I'm sick of this beeswax I'm sick of these second-story Sleestaks Breathing on my dice Giving me back rubs

When I'm deep in concentration You start getting all conversatin' Sleestak

What's a Sleestak? That's your heart attack Towel rack Fallback

You got no doctors All your doctors have gone home What's a Sleestak? What's a Sleestak?

You've got a friend in law enforcement Don't go calling law enforcement Cloisonné