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By: They Might Be Giants
Year: 2018

Oh woe is I Oh woe is I

You call for your friend but she's not The thieving deceiving Burnice You stare through the lamp light So dim on the camp site Unlikely precisely Burnice

Beware the destruction she reaps Don't stand in the path of her wrath Yes, it's a disaster that you can't think faster The afflicted evicted Burnice

Oh woe is I Oh woe is I

You cannot explain how it was The restless majestic Burnice

You talk all alone about all that is known Of the frazzled bedazzled Burnice

Some say your mind's been transplanted But you know deep inside you're enchanted Your hand is unsteady Your eyelids rest heavy Breathtaking heartbreaking Burnice

Oh woe is I Oh woe is I