Lyrics:Bone Chilling Message

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Bone Chilling Message
By: They Might Be Giants
Year: 1996

It always fails It always fails It never fails to fail It delivers on disappointment Which has brought it back And the time that it works We're gonna put it away forever It's sorta like having you know, um, a relative with a big problem ????? living room We don’t know how to have holidays Every Thursday night’s a holiday here at the Mercury Lounge Ok I'll take the cassette out so nobody thinks this is fake And you'll know it isn't Because it sucks so bad Ok ok Let's check in with AM for the NPR listeners

You, you guys want a bone chilling message? Ok, here we go, this song is called ‘Bone Chilling Message’

There was some car broadcasting coming from my rear view mirror ????? kill, I ????? There was a ?????

???, put an incredible amount of reverb on my vocal for one second (Flans yelling unnintelligibly)

We wanna thank you for an incredible night.