Lyrics:Big News

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Big News
By: The Mundanes
It's obvious to me that you're living in a headline world

And I've been waiting for the news that you've become my girl I hear rumors of boys I hear rumors of the chance I'll lose

I'm just a third-rate reporter, and I'm waiting to hear some big news My daddy wrote the headlines and this is what he said to me: "You got to be ready to print what you don't want to see You've got to practice some detachment, and be careful of the words you use” Sometimes I'm up all night, 'cause I'm a man who wants to write the big news

Now, when you look ahead You see your love gone dead You've got to look right through 'Cause breaking down won’t do Well you'll be singing the blues Sayin' I'll see through You'll just be looking for clues And waiting to hear the big news

Every night I took the headline Every day I put it on my brain Has she fallen in love with ????? You've got to keep yourself calm, 'cause you know she's watching all your moves You've got to act like a man It takes a man to understand the big news

But when she first walked by And she caught your eye You knew she'd been somewhere There was a flash in the air You start thinking of truths And she's not quick to refuse You got nothing to lose Your future depends on big news Who will she choose? Who will she choose?