Lyrics:Band Introductions (Live At Large)

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Band Introductions (Live At Large)
By: They Might Be Giants
Year: 2012

JF: Now, now we'd uh, like to introduce the band. JL: On the guitar, Mr. Silent John Flansburgh. Over here on the keyboards, it's um, Tolerant John Linnell. That's ironic. That's me being ironic. JF: On the drums, ladies and gentlemen, Mr. Marty Beller. On the electric guitar, you know him from Mad Men, it's Mr. Dan Miller, ladies and gentlemen. On the bass, we had you get extra insurance because we thought he might blow the roof off the place, ladies and gentlemen he's come to hear you scream, Mr. Danny Weinkauf! Ladies and gentlemen, we want to thank you all individually for coming to the show, can we get the lights up a little bit on the audience? Ladies and gentlemen, we've got nicknames for everybody. JL: Who just—who said that? Um, you're um, wait hold on... JF: Which guy? which one? JL: Uh, Dutch Lily JF: Doctor What's-it JL: Oban[?] JF: Doctor What's-it JL: Oban[?] JF: We want to thank you all for coming to the show, we don't have time to give everybody nicknames, we're—next—tomorrow, tomorrow we'll—nicknames for everybody. JL: We'll have enough time tomorrow. We're out of—oh! The Byzantine Empire, right there. That guy. Byzantine Empire. JF: Thank you for coming to the show.