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By: They Might Be Giants
Year: 2004

Linnell: So here-here's my suggestion

Flansburgh: This is the part of the show that we usually, uh, just do during soundcheck, which is why our soundchecks are like two hours long.

(People yelling in the background.)

Flansburgh: Yeah, you got people saying "No!" already in the audience, and they're not requesting a song, Linnell.

Linnell: You got a better idea?

Flansburgh: I got no ideas.

Linnell: Av! Uh! Av! Uh! Av! Uh! Av! Uh! L-o-o(x255)-n!

Linnell: Thank you very much!

Flansburgh: Mr. John Linnell, ladies and gentlemen!

Linnell: You know, some of them are over two minutes long, and I feel like we're-we're going down the wrong road, people.