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By: They Might Be Giants
Year: 2001

John Flansburgh: "Hey guys, I'd just like to tell a story."

John Linnell: "Tell the story, John."

JF: "Okay, here it is. So, we've been playing for, like ten years, right? And we've played a lot of shows. And about five years ago, there's this whole thing about playing bigger places like this, where about 20 minutes into the show, there'd be this, uh, really tragic stale pot smell that'd just kind of like waft up from the crowd. And it's like, what is it about people in crowds who choose to smoke pot in a public place, that they'd only buy the cheapest pot available? And I, and I thought it was really this strange, kinda fucked up recurring nightmare from town to town. And uh, and this went on for about three years and you might have even seen the show where I was like, 'Oh yeah, stale pot smoke... yeah that's weird, what's up with that?' And then uh, and then we, we, uh, had the same crew for a really long time and then we stopped working with them a few years ago. And suddenly the stale pot smoke smell went away. And I realized it wasn't in the crowd, it was from our co-workers! And I'd never been reminded of that stale pot smoke 'til tonight. And I'd like to welcome all our brand new crew members to our, uh, traveling road show. Mazel tov!"