Lyrics:Agent Double-0-Soul

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Agent Double-0-Soul
By: Edwin Starr and Loser's Lounge
Year: 2004

(Double-0-Soul) I dig rock-n-roll music I can do the twine and the jerk I wear strictly continental suits And high-collar shirts I got a reputation for being gentle but bold And that's why they call me:

Agent Double-0-Soul, baby! They call me Double-0-Soul Agent Double-0-Soul They call me Double-0-Soul Talkin' about it, come on.

I don't carry a pistol (how about a disguise? do you wear a disguise?) I don't need a false mustache And you'll never see me carrying around a little black bag (attache!) My real name's no secret But from me, it will never be told I'm just known as:

Agent Double-0-Soul, baby! They call me Double-0-Soul They call me Double-0-Soul, baby Agent Double-0-Soul Come on!

There once was a fella Who was tearing on rock-n-roll He couldn't get together He didn't have no kind of soul Office put me on the case And I tracked them down right away Now he's a DJ in a radio show And we can bet everybody knows

Agent Double-0-Soul!

Jed, Jed, I think it's time that we vamped now...

I wanna vamp with you Jed (I wanna vamp with you John) On Valentine's Day ((?) Valentine's Day vamp) Because more than about romantic love, baby Valentine's Day's about real love Friendship love, guy love. (I've got nothing to add to that.) I love you man! Vamp with me now! (grunt) To the V to the A to the M to the P Back and forth baby! (Back and back and forth baby!) Back, forth! Back, forth! Back, front, back forth back, front, back forth! (screeching and general weirdness) People, put your hands together like you're at an Alabama concert! Right up over your heads people! We're gonna break it down now to just the hi-hat, the people On the drum people don't let me down now. We're gonna break it down to just the hi-hat, the fuzz bass, and the people clapping here we go! (starts to say Jeremy)

I said you might like to hear some Chatzky I said-a ride Chatzky, ride.

People! A little louder clapping with a little less feeling, come on! Damn! (hup, hup) Check this shit out! Alright, the high one, the high one. We've been rehearsing this all day. Jeremy Chatzky on the lead bass ladies and gentlemen. Show your love! When I say "Jeremy Chatzky", you say "hell yeah!" Jeremy Chatzky! Jeremy Chatzky! Jeremy Chatzky! Jeremy Chatzky! (Jeremy Chatzky!)

Double-0-Soul, baby Double-0-Soul Double-0-Soul, baby My Double-0-Soul