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I agree with the one and (I think) only person who recognized that the girl with the crown and scepter must be the Statue of Liberty; she's the only icon that's relevant to the song (freedom) that I know that's got both crown and scepter and she lives a few miles downriver from the Johns. These guys had been living in Brooklyn for more than 10 years when the song was written and could see Lady Liberty every day if they chose to walk down to the East River from their apartments in Williamsburg or most places along the East River.

Someone else correctly pointed out that the band was reaching the breaking point with Elektra, which had undergone changes in management, which strained their relationship with the band. So, if you're touring for a company that you want to break free from and you're living in Brooklyn what better symbol of freedom than the Statue of Liberty; the LSD refers to having a vision of something maybe

The references "it's old and its totally over now..." either reference their relationship with Elektra or, literally, the seemingly endless touring becoming old and over. They're tired of it.

The crash--dunno, there are many interpretations, but if they're on tour I always think of it as a tour bus (bent metal) colliding with a car (flaming wreck--car is usually on the losing end of these adventures) at an overpass and ending the tour (through a disaster, basically). Like-- "I really want to end this thing...maybe the bus will get wrecked and Elektra will let us out of our remaining dates".