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They should probably write a sequel called "String Theory Man" :P --Mr. 77 13:50, 20 December 2008 (UTC)

Triangle Man is ILLUMINATI


All are men, each created by awareness.

Universe man has the watch only the person man can see and is trapped by time. Time is only real to person man, so he lives in a grabage can. Being hit by a frying pan he is forced to forget he is also the universe man.

Watch hand has, millennium hand , eon hand, minute hand.

When they "meet it is happy land", refers to when person man (or any other form of man) realizes time is a self inflicted construct of awareness.. it is happy land.

Who came up with person man? Degraded man, person man. ( always thought this was, The greatest man, person man.)

All the men are one in the same, only awareness of consciousness varies, hence all end with 'man'.

Triangle man is holy trinity but I like illuminati even better. All religions deflect the true power of 'man' but not have a 'holy trinity', so illuminati fits better for the background of all 'false' deflection of man's power from with in to without.

Search anunnaki, the ascension has begun and those who are ready will transcend and realize we are all the same. Those who choose to learn later will follow triangle man until they are ready.

TMBG were so ahead of my awareness it is amazing. I will now spend days reading all the lyrics. Their method of sharing information in code via songs remind me of nostradamus quadrills. Hide from the triangle man in plain sight.