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Well... obviously he can't hear the doorbell because he's playing the drums so loud. The fact that he says "I live like a worm" shows that he is comparing himself to a worm, in the fact that it stays underground, and nobody really notices he is there. And of course... he wants to make it big.

Listen: As you should know, TMBG did the music for the Austin Powers series. Mike Myers originallly intended for Doctor Evil to be known as Doctor Worm, but it was changed for some reason or another. I'm not sure if the music was written into the original movie at any point. But I am almost positive this song has some kind of connection to the Austin Powers series.

Actually, Doctor Worm was already written at that point and they wanted to use that song in the movie. TMBG wrote "Doctor Evil" instead of using the song.

It's just a funny song about a worm with an ego that's fun to air drum to.

I dont think that we should make a big deal about the door bell[edit]

You all are making a big deal about him not being able to hear the door bell because he is a worm and worms can't hear... Guess what... Worms dont have arms to play the drums with either