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My own interpretation of Dead seems to be different than most others'. Everyone keeps interpreting the second line as being about incarnation, but the way I see it is like this:

The first line, "I returned a bag of groceries accidentally taken off the shelf before the expiration date": The bag of groceries represents another person's life, one that is about to be killed before it's his time ("accidentally taken off the shelf before the expiration date"). Unfortunately, as the second line states, in the act of saving the guy, he himself got put in the same situation, 'coming back' from the situation as someone who is being killed before it's his time. In other words, I interpret these first lines as being the equivalent of, for example, someone pushing another person out of the way of a car, only to get hit and killed by the car themself.

In this case, the section after it has a different meaning altogether. "Did a large procession wave their torches as my head fell in the basket, and was everybody dancing on the casket?" Maybe he's not referring to people wanting him dead and happy that he's dead, but rather, he's talking about whether or not he's praised or honored for his heroic sacrifice. It's quite possible, he's saying, that his sacrifice didn't mean anything to anybody, which is why he's asking, "Where's the thanks? Where's the appreciation? Did I die for nothing?"

"Now it's over, I'm dead and I haven't done anything that I want, or I'm still alive and there's nothing I want to do.": Well, I always just thought that it was a clever interpretation of the state of death, although coupled with the previous part, it begins to sound like he didn't really WANT to make a sacrifice, that he didn't want to die in the process of saving the other.

The next section, he just goes over his regrets. Nothing much to really interpret there. Same goes for the other remaining section about not being around anymore.

-- AgentParsec

great song!![edit]

My dad got when it came out and he got Apollo 18 too after that.

 So we listened to Flood alot and I really like that album and the concert was great this year when they played here.
  Linell is one of my favorite people in the band.

involuntary manslaughter[edit]

I accidentally killed someone. I was publicly beheaded and everyone rejoiced. I will never do or not do anything anymore. I will have no concept of self. I will never right my regrets or past wrongs. Ii am dead.