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Where in the world is Ana Ng? My guess would be Vietnam. If you watch the video (it's on Youtube), you will notice towards the beginning a magnifying glass moving over a map of Mecombeoni, Peru (Latitude: 17 34S Longitude: 069 36W). Mecombeoni's antipode is in the mouth of the gulf of Tonkin, about 100 miles from the nearest large city, Da Nang. Or is that d A na Ng?

Ana, New Guinea[edit]

Small Area in Papua New Guinea near Australia, the other side of the world where "Water spirals the wrong way out the sink."

I have always believed this song was about searching for your soul mate. She exists out there, but you miss each other every chance you get... the warm bench just after the other had left for instance.

My all time favorite line is 'I don't want the world I just want your half.' the two soul mates essentially live in opposite worlds where the other 'doesn't exist' hes saying 'I don't want my world, I want to be in your half.'