Hello Recording Club Newsletter Archive/Fall 1993

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The Offical Newsletter of the Hello Recording Club
by John Flansburgh
Fall 1993, Vol. 1 Issue 2.


John Flansburgh here, with a big Fall Hello Recording Club mailing. Our subscription year is quickly wrapping up here, with the Frank Black (Nov.) and Young Fresh Fellow Scott McCaughey (with Peter Buck and Tom and Terry from NRBQ) (Dec.) releases sitting on the runway. As this year comes to an end, please check out the info on the back of this newsletter for upcoming Hello releases.

Here's some information about our current selections:


The Residents are from Louisiana by way of San Francisco. Unique, independent and shrouded in secrecy, the group has been recording since the early Seventies. Always at the forefront of music and technology, the Residents were one of the first bands to use synthesizers as a primary element in their sound. After years of assembling clever film clips for their music, they were one of the first acts to be featured on MTV. Now they are moving into interactive video with the release of Freak Show. Listeners interested in exploring the world of the Residents should call their 800 number listed on the sleeve.

(I can personally recommend a variety of their musical releases: The Commercial Album (possibly the perfect lp for the uninitiated), Duck Stab, Eskimo, The American Composer Series of James Brown and George Gershwin, The King and Eye or their recent Freak Show.)


Our September offering is a project I had the pleasure of working closely with. Hello the Band is a collaboration of Brooklyn electronic composer and remixer Joshua Fried and graphic designer/illegal alien Rolf Conant. You might remember Joshua's remix of "The World's Address" on TMBG's Miscellaneous T and "Larger Than Life (She's Actual Size) remix" on the I Palindrome I CD5. He has also done remixes for Chaka Khan, and written music for performance works by Watchface and Iris Rose. Rolf Conant is from Berlin and is a home recording enthusiast. This is his first release.

I worked with Mr. Fried on the production at the Brooklyn Hello Studio. Other featured musicians are Lounge Lizard bassist Eric Sanko, Flat Old World uke/vocalist Robin Goldwasser, and World Famous Blue Jay guitarist Jay Sherman Godfrey.


Hello's October release is a Halloween special edition of the Duplex Planet, a project initiated by David Greenberger. Originally, Duplex Planet was the newsletter of the Duplex Nursing Home in Massachusetts where Mr. Greenberger compiled many interviews and writings from the home's residents. Greenberger has used these oral histories as source material for a number of projects - comic books, spoken word audio recordings and even a compilation of Duplex Nursing Homes' occupant Ernest Noyes Brookings' poems set to music by a wide array of contemporary bands.


That's right, They Might Be Giants Dial-A-Song is celebrating it's tenth anniversary. Always just a regular charge call to Brooklyn, New York, Dial-A-Song has changed a bit over the years. Now a computer-based system, it takes up to three hundred calls a day, and features new, unreleased songs every day, if not every hour.