Guitar Tab:Whole Lot Of Glean

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Whole Lot Of Glean
By: They Might Be Giants
Key: A Major
Year: 2015
E F#m/E D/E
A Bm/A D/A E

A             Bm/A     G/A
While lot of copies of Glean
            D             Em/D       C/D
We've got a whole lot of booklets to sign
               A           D
We're going to stay up all night 
         D/C           G
Keep our objectives in sight
            G/F#             B
We're doing this 'cause it's right 
            B/A           E/G#
We'll never give up this fight
Unless it gets too hard

That's the pattern, all that really changes is the bass, for example:

             (A)            D     D/C      G/B
We're working on some complicated personal issues
G          B            B/A
Nothing is ever straightforward
E        E/D
Lots of issues to unpack

And at the end, the CODA:

A A7/G D/F# Dm/F
A/E A7/G D/F# Dm/F (repeat this line twice more)