Guitar Tab:Unpronounceable

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By: They Might Be Giants
Key: G
Year: 2015
Time stopped
When you said hello
When you left
The clock began to breathe again
Now all I do is think about
The puzzle that remains 

     G       Am   C      D
Your name it is unpronounceable
G     Am      C   D
Distorted and illegible
Eb  Bb    C         G         D
I never figured out what that was
   G      Am       C       D
If I couldn’t then I doubt I ever will
G      Am        C      D
Rewind the tape, review the blur
G     Am        C         D
Never the same, but still obscure
Eb      Bb        C        G         D
Turn up the sound and hear the white noise
G        Am      C       D
Zoom and enhance if that were even a 

G    Am    C
Real thing
D        G Am    C    D
Which it isn’t
Eb       Bb     C        G      Am
Stare at the static long enough you’ll
    C             D
Be hypnotized be hypnotized


--N.B. The rest of the song uses the same chords, but in the part that goes "found out..." the vocals are totally different. Still the same chords underneath, though. The rhythm for
the whole thing is kind of tricky, just listen to the track to get a feel for it.