Guitar Tab:Underwater Woman

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Underwater Woman
By: They Might Be Giants
Key: D Minor
Year: 2015
Tabbed By: Samvall

[Intro has keys playing the note cluster F-G-A while underneath the bass plays the following notes shown below. Essentially it's all Dm with the different bass notes but I'll write them as just note names instead of slash chords. The harmonic colouring that the F-G-A cluster adds to the chords is unnecessary to include in this chart.]

D   C   C#   B
C   Bb  B    A

Dm [with the bass progression]
Underwater woman
Underwater lady
No one on the shore will ever know what's in her heart

Dm [bass prog. continues; guitar & keys play Dm chords. Piano also plays the bass notes.]
Fiercely alive, will to survive
Able to thrive on her own
Self contained, properly trained
Hydroponically grown

Bbmaj7       G7/B
Underwater woman
F/C            A/C#
Breathing underwater
Dm [bass prog.]
Brushing her hair, eating a pear
No one can tell when she cries
  F  B  F  B  F  B   F
Away, away, away