Guitar Tab:Three Might Be Duende

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Three Might Be Duende
By: They Might Be Giants
Key: A Flat Major
Year: 2011
Ab              Fm
Monochrome Martinet
His texture is starch
This song is a march
And from the beginning
His Duende was winning
And though he's a worthy emcee
He'll never be part of the three
Db      Eb
Orpheum act
Ab       Fm
Faustian pact
Gb                        Db   
Three Might Be Duende, in fact

Those are the base chords. Every verse goes up by a fourth - Ab, Db, Gb, B. Of course, play with
inversions to keep your chords from reaching unreasonable heights at the end.

Transpositions for verses 2-4:
Db Bbm Ebm Ab / Db Bb Ebm / Gb Ab Db Bbm / B Gb Db
Gb Ebm Abm Db / Gb Eb Abm / B  Db Gb Ebm / E B  Gb
B  Abm Dbm Gb / B  Ab Dbm / E  Gb B  Abm

Last verse outro:

Three might be Duende
Three might be Duende
A              B         E
Three might be Duende at last!