Guitar Tab:Something You'd Like To See

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Something You'd Like To See
By: They Might Be Giants
Key: B Flat Major
Year: 2001
Tabbed By: sapphirebullets
Bbmaj7            Gm   Cm7         F7
They say I'm too young to be in a show
Bb/D              Gm/Eb
But I have a talent inside
E7b9            F
That I need to show

Bb  Bb/A  Bb/G  Bb/B     Cm7      F7
Singin' and dancin' and makin' you smile
Cm7           F7         Cm7      F7
Swingin' and prancin' and showin' my style
Bb  Bb/A  Bb/G  Bb/F       Dm              G7
Grease paint and stardust all rolled up in me
Eb     F      Dm7   G7
I'll show you somethin'
Eb         F    ||: Bb  Bb/A  Bb/G  Bb/F :||
Somethin' you'd like to see

Eb  F/Eb Eb  F/Eb
My star is rising
F/Eb Bb/Eb F/Eb F/Eb
My star is rising
Dm7  Bbmaj7/D Dm7 G7 Gm7
Catch me if you can

(each chord is a syllable of a location)
Eb F/Eb Eb  F/Eb Eb  F/Eb Bb/Eb F/Eb Bb/Eb F/Eb Bb/Eb F/Eb
Boston, New York, Philly, L.A., Frisco, Chi-Town
Gm/D Dm Gm/D Dm Gm/D Dm Gm
Any place that's in-between

Cm7              F7
That's where you'll find me
Dm7         G7
Giving you something
Eb             F         Dm     G7
Something that you can't see on TV
Eb              F       Bb F Bb
Something you'd like to see