Guitar Tab:Sleeping In The Flowers

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Sleeping In The Flowers
By: They Might Be Giants
Key: A Major
Year: 1994
Am         F      C          E
   I got a crush,   copy shop clerk
Am               F            C(hit C chord and quickly mute)
   But she won't look up at me
Am                  F
   Don't want to be known as the freak
C                 E                   Am(hit and mute)
   Who just comes around to catch her eye

            A               D                 Bm             E
We could be sleeping in the flowers, We could sleep all afternoon
         C                  F            Dm                 E
You'd proclaim that you're an island, I proclaim that I'm one too
        A              D                 Bm               E
Then we float into the harbor, With just piers and boats around
    C               F              Dm                E
I declare that I am England, You declare that I have drowned

(This part is tough to show rhythm as there are no words, but basically
the guitar just plays one note on the high E string)

e5-5-5-55-55-5-55-5-5-5-55-55-5-5e This is the rythm I use with each =
                                   dash or 5 Equals a sixteenth note
                                   but I think you can figure it out

Then the bass does somthing like this:


Repeat these figures twice, then back to the verse

Am        F     C            E
   I got a ride, home with a drunk guy
Am       F                    C(hit and mute)
   How ungrateful I must have seemed
Am           F      C                E          Am
   He showed me how, to spin my head round and round

Chorus and interlude

Solo(Play the chords for the verse over the solo)

Chorus(Extend the chorus to fade with this...)

            A               D
We could be sleeping in the flowers =
        Bm                  C
Tell my boss that I've been fired
         A               D
We'll be sleeping in the flowers
        Bm       C
tell my boss i'm fired