Guitar Tab:Seven

From This Might Be A Wiki
By: They Might Be Giants
Key: C Minor
Year: 2008
Tabbed By: sapphirebullets
This song doesn't have any chords, so these are just what the melody and the horns are implying.

Oh, there's the doorbell
Let's see who's out there
Oh, it's a seven
Hello, Seven
Ab                 G
Won't you come in, Seven?
Fm   G           Cm
Make yourself at home

Hey, who's that other guy?
Is that your friend there?
"Oh, that's just Seven"
Another seven
Hello, Seven
Won't you come in as well?
Now who would like some cake?
("I would like some cake")
("Me too!")

What's that out the window?
A whole bunch of sevens
They're coming in now
And there's a lot of them
And down the chimney too
("Hey guys, come on in!")
I bet they want some cake
"We want cake! Where's our cake?"

... And so on until the song ends.