Guitar Tab:Rabid Child

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Rabid Child
By: They Might Be Giants
Key: B Flat Major
Year: 1985
Tabbed By: Tisher
This song is a bit easier to play if you raise it a whole step:

 Bb - E -
 |: C E F D   Bb - E - :|
 C E F D
 Bb - E -

Ab#11 - D -
(lord, please don't take me away)

|: Bb         D           Ebmaj7     Cadd9    Ab#11  -  D  - :|
Rabid Child stays at home talks on a cb
truckers pass calling out their handles to the kid
Chess Piece Face and the Big Duluth call her every day
"hammer down" and "rabbit ears" are the only words they know

Hammer down
Rabbit ears

Bb              D             Ebmaj7             Cadd9
If you pass the Rabid Child say "hammer down" for me

Ab#11 -          D  -
the Rabid Child

           Bb  -
the Rabid Child
the Rabid Child