Guitar Tab:Prepare

From This Might Be A Wiki
By: They Might Be Giants
Key: A minor
Year: 2015
Tabbed By: Samvall

Dm   A7   F    E7

   Am          C           D
Prepare for a second from now
F                  Bdim         E
Comb your hair and compose yourself
   Am         C            D
Prepare for a second from now
 F                    Bdim        E
Adjust your chair and clear your throat
  Am               C          D
A second from the present is nigh
    F                   Bdim  E
Are all your affairs in order now?
  Am          C          D
A second is a very short time
  F                        Bdim       E
A moment to anticipate the things to come

The next second won't be anything like the current one
A   Em/B   C  Dm  B/D# (E)
E      F
And we won’t know how it’s gonna be till a second is done

E   C    E   Bb  E

No one can see into the future
We're just going to have to wait
There may be strange new customs and new ideas
So try to keep an open mind
Prepare for a second from now
As if that would make any difference at all
Ready or not it is coming
And there’s no way to stop the clock

The next second’s gonna make the present seem like long ago
And make you forget everything that you currently know

E  C    E   Bb   E
G  Eb   G   F#   Gm

Gm                D7
 Counting down to zero from one
Bb                A7
 Hold your breath, here it comes

Dm    Fdim   Am7   Cdim
F     Am/E   D#dim E7

Now that the second has passed
Let’s all reflect on the times we’ve had
Look back on a second ago
Given everything that we now know
Remember a second ago
Recall if you can how it used to be
Remember a second ago
It’s hard to believe we were so naive

I can barely remember anything about a second ago
We will soon be a second in the future that is all I know

E   C   E   Bb  E
G#  E   G#  G   E
G   Eb  G   F#  Gm