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Particle Man
By: They Might Be Giants
Key: A Major, but often played in C
Year: 1990
This song has been recorded twice by TMBG, in different keys. The original version
found on Flood is in the key of A, while the more recent electric version found on
Severe Tire Damage (and also their "unplugged" version on Clock Radio) is in the 
key of C. As this is the more recent of the two, it will be listed as the primary
chord. The equivalent chords in the key of A (as found on Flood) will be listed 
in parentheses.

C (A)         C (A)
Particle man, particle man
C (A)              G (E)
Doing the things a particle can
F (D)                 C (A)      
What's he like?  It's not important
C (A)           
Particle man

C (A)          F (D)      
Is he a dot or is he a speck?
     G (E)                 C (A)
When he's underwater, does he get wet?
   F (D)              G (E)  
Or does the water get him instead?
F (D)          C (A)
Nobody knows.  Particle man

C (A)         C (A)
Triangle man, Triangle man
C (A)              G(E)
Triangle man hates particle man
F (D)              C (A)
They have a fight, Triangle wins
C  (A)
Triangle man

C (A)         C (A)
Universe man, Universe man
C (A)              G (E)
Size of the entire universe man
F (D)           C (A)
Usually kind to smaller man
C (A)
Universe man

C (A)                   F (D)
He's got a watch with a minute hand,
G (E)                 C (A)
Millennium hand and an eon hand
F (D)                 G (E)
When they meet it's a happy land
F (D)            C (A)
Powerful man, universe man

C (A)       C (A)
Person man, person man
C (A)                  G (E)
Hit on the head with a frying pan
F (D)               C (A)
Lives his life in a garbage can
C (A)
Person man

C (A)              F (D)
Is he depressed or is he a mess?
G (E)                C (A)
Does he feel totally worthless?
F (D)            G (E)
Who came up with person man?
F (D)         C (A)
Degraded man, person man

C (A)         C (A)
Triangle man, triangle man
C (A)              G (E)
Triangle man hates person man
F (D)                  C (A)
They have a fight, triangle wins
C (A)
Triangle man

Here's the tab for the accordion solo parts (In C Major) after "They have a fight triangle wins, triangle man" (Heard prominently in many live performances by Dan Miller; if some parts are wrong, correct me) (Part tabbed by Zondry):



Here’s the solo in the album key (A Major)