Guitar Tab:Now Is Strange

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Now Is Strange
By: They Might Be Giants
Key: B Minor
Year: 2004
Intro: F# - Bm - G - D - G - A - Bm

Em                              D/F#  G  
  Have you seen that naughty boy
                      A   Bm
Who steals each blade of grass
                A/C#  D         F#   
And replaces it with  wires and batteries

Em                 D/F#  G
  In the corner of your eye
                     A    Bm
Do you see that scribbled word?
                  A/C#  D            F#
Do you hear the wind    whispering? 

A        Bm       A
  Now is strange
G               A                Bm
  I'd like to hear why did you change
D    F#       Bm   G         
No, no it's not before anymore
It's gone
A        Bm
  Now is strange

Em                D/F#  G  
With a flathead screwdriver
                       A     Bm
I could remove my apartment buzzer
               A/C#        D          F#   
And I know underneath that five would be a six
Em                 D/F#  G
Underneath the six would be
               A    Bm
Something unbelievable
              A/C#  D     F#
Something I cannot imagine 

[Instrumental] - bassline goes D - C# - B - B - A - G# - E