Guitar Tab:Narrow Your Eyes

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Narrow Your Eyes
By: They Might Be Giants
Key: D Major
Year: 1992
Tabbed By: E.M.
 1    +    2    +    3    +    4    +    1    +    2    +    3    +    4    +

 [Convention: each chord is four beats/a full measure.  A dash indicates that
  the chord is held for another measure; two chords with a slash between
  them are held for two beats/half a measure each.]

                   D              -                   A  /  Bm        G
 I don't want to change your mind - I don't want to think about your mind
                    E   A                       B    E
 they say love is blind - I don't think you're blind
 You don't want to understand and I don't want to shake your father's hand
 and walk in the sand and act like a man

 Chorus 1:
               G                     A                     Bm               E
 I get on the bus and ride past our stop - and though I'm late I can't get off
               G                     A
 I just can't bear to tell you some lies
 |:                       D   G   A :|
 and narrow your eyes
 narrow your eyes

 We'll take back everything we said - split up all the things and move ahead
 forgot how you said to split your side off the bed
 Chorus 2:
 I get on my bike and ride down our block
 ride through the world through the green lights
 but when I think of all your advice
 I narrow my eyes
 narrow my eyes

 Em - - -
 Em A F#m B
 Em A D -

 (Repeat verse 1 and chorus 1)

           Em                 A               F#m          B
 Now let's toast the sad cold fact our love's never coming back
                G                       A
 and we'll race to the bottom of a glass
 |:                      D  G  A :|
 So narrow your eyes

 1    +    2    +    3    +    4    +    1    +    2    +    3    +    4    +