Guitar Tab:Microphone

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By: They Might Be Giants
Key: A Major
Year: 2007
Tabbed By: Yankamerica
A                     A/G#
I keep talking to the microphone
    D               D/C#
The microphone, the microphone
But it's like talking to a wall of brick
   E                 E7/D
It makes me sick, it makes me sick

    A/C#                        D
And tired of trying to tell the microphone
   Bm              G
It doesn't seem to know
That it's owned
   Bm                D
It doesn't know it's owned
It doesn't know

F#m F#m/E F#m/D# Dm

A voice is speaking from beyond the grave
From in a cave, beyond the grave
The turning wheels of a cassette machine
Will reenact the buried fact

The dog who hears it cannot understand
His master's turned to sand
And he's free
He doesn't see he's free
He doesn't see

[Instrumental verse]

End on A