Guitar Tab:Long White Beard

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Long White Beard
By: They Might Be Giants
Key: A Major
Year: 2015
A    D     Bm     D

A    D       Bm     D
Everything I say is true
Bm             E
And for your delight
A     D       Bm       D
I have such a tale for you
Bm                  E   A          E
Can you stand the excitement?

A       F#m
I had a beautiful sleep
    D          C#m
And I had some beautiful dreams
   D                       C#m
My family was there and we laughed and we laughed
     Bm                    E
The alarm clock rang and I gasped

D                C#7
I woke up with a long white beard
A long white beard
A long white beard
     D                            C#7
Like Zeus on Mount Olympus with a long white beard
    B                          Dm
And eyebrows most surprisingly long

A       G#       F#m

A            F#m
Last night I walked in my sleep
    D            C#m
And last night I talked while I dreamed
   D                         C#m
My grandma was there and she gave me some cocoa
    Bm                   E
But when I awoke, it was loco

D                C#7
I woke up with a ten foot tail
A ten foot tail
A ten foot tail
    D                              C#7
And just like a sleepwalker with a ten foot tail
     B                                Dm
Some collectables were knocked to the ground

A    D     Bm     D
A    D     Bm     D