Guitar Tab:Lines Upon A Tranquil Brow

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Lines Upon A Tranquil Brow
By: Walt Kelly
Year: 2001
Tabbed By: Tisher
Accordion intro then Bbdim (add G)

F	            Bb            F	           Bb
Have you ever while pondering the ways of the morn
           F           Bb
Thought to save just a bit
       Am          C(G)
Just a drop in the horn
   F	       Bb              F           Bb
To pour in the evening or late afternoon
   F	      Bb
Or during the night
           Am          C(G)
When we're shining the moon
         Gm                   Dm
Have you ever cried out while counting the snow
   Bb                   G         C
Or watching the tomtwit warble hello
      F       Bb
Break out the cigars!
     Am          D7
This life is for squirrels
      Bb         -            C          F      
We're off to the drugstore to whistle at girls