Guitar Tab:If I Wasn't Shy

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If I Wasn't Shy
By: They Might Be Giants
Key: E Major
Year: 1992
Tabbed By:


     E7   E7/B   A7  B7     E7  E7/B  A7  B7
If I,                wasn't Shy
     E7   E7/D   A7/C#  B7  E7  E7/B A7 Cdim/F#
If I,                wasn't Shy

Verses (For the "I'd burn..." and "I'd steal..." verses, play it twice. For the "I'd ask you..." verse, play it once):
E7  Eb7 A7 B7 D7 C#7 B7

Here's the pattern: Intro/Outro Riff -> Refrain -> Verse (2x) -> Refrain -> Verse (2x) -> Refrain -> Verse (1x) - Refrain -> Intro/Outro Riff  
Last chord!: E7#9 

Clarinet notes during chorus:
Simply play an E during the second chorus and then an octave higher E during the last two.
It's that easy!
You can play it on a clarinet, accordion, or any woodwind really. Anything that's reedy I guess.

It sounds Great, depends on how you make the 7ths....