Guitar Tab:I Broke My Own Rule

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I Broke My Own Rule
By: They Might Be Giants
Key: C Major
Year: 2021
C            F             C        G
Everything's wrecked, everything is wrecked

C              F                  c       G
Smashed up, destroyed, smashed up and destroyed

C          C7(Bb)  F(A)         Dm
I broke my rule, I broke my own rule

Gsus4                           F                  C
Now there's no rules, no rules, there's no rules anymore

F  C(E)   G

What happens when, happens when the

When the freedom, freedom you want, you want to have,

    Am                     C(G)
to have, comes at, comes at a cost

                  D7(F#)              Gsus4     G
A cost you can't, you can't afford to pay

Am           Em         F         C            Dm      Am
Climb to the top of the statue of freedom from gravity

    F              G     Am            Em        F           C       Dm    Am
And you're at liberty to jump from the top of the absence of responsibility

    F          G            
And float into the emptiness

C  F  C(E)  G