Guitar Tab:I've Got A Fang

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I've Got A Fang
By: They Might Be Giants
Key: G Minor
Year: 2001
Tabbed By: Chris 'RatHat' Lovins (
This is a pretty simple song, yet it was one of my
favourites by 
TMBG.  The version I'm tabbing here is the unreleased
version from 
Dial-A-Song.  The recording from the album Mink Car is
very similar, 
only it has a small instrumental section--rather
different from the
rest of the song--at which I cannot even begin to

This is the song's signature riff.  I believe the bass
plays along
with the guitar.  The bass riff might be different in
terms of where
it is played on the neck, but I'm sure the notes are
the same.


Bb5 [x133xx]    C5 [x355xx]    Sig. riff

Verse 1:
Glistening white triangular tooth
Open up the can of tomato juice   (Sig. riff)

Bb5 [x133xx]
I've Got A Fang

C5 [x355xx]
I've Got A Fang

Sig. riff
I've Got A Fang

This is the entire song, repeated with different
lyrics or sometimes 
with no lyrics, but each part is played the same way. 
As you can see, 
the guitar and bass rest for much of the song.  Now if
would like to take a crack at the interlude on the
album version, 
he is welcome to do so.  Suggestions, especially
regarding the bass
part, are welcome.