Guitar Tab:Gas Mask

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Gas Mask
By: They Might Be Giants
Year: 2000
Tabbed By: Apfelbitsliam
The first time I was in Japan, I was in the hotel unpacking my bags.  I turned on the TV, and there was a talent show.  There was a band called Gas Mask, and they had about four or five guys, and they were all wearing gas masks.  They did a song that had two notes, and we're going to demonstrate that for you.  First note, fellas, please:


And another note:


And just back and forth please.

C     F#     C     F#     C     F#     C     F#
Gas mask!                 Gas mask!

And that's when I realized, Japan was the place for me.

NOTE: Screw this up so it sounds absolutely horrible, and you've got it.