Guitar Tab:Even Numbers

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Even Numbers
By: They Might Be Giants
Key: F Major
Year: 2008
Tabbed By: Garnish
F    Dm       Bb           F (keyboard does an up/down alternating thing)*
Even numbers, even numbers
F             Dm     Bb                F
  Every other number is an even number

Bb                      F
 Two, four, six, eight
Bdim                    F
 Who do we appreciate?
Bb                              F
 Ten, twelve, fourteen, sixteen
Bb                       F
 Skip all the numbers in between

(F scale starting on G, two octaves) Notes:
G    A   Bb  C  D    E    F   G   A Bb  C     D   E   F   G
Skip all the numbers that are not even, leave out the odd ones
G     A   Bb  C    D      E    F    G   A Bb  C    D   E   F   G
Leave out the odd, you're left with the even, skip all the odd ones

F  (still doing alternatey thing)*
Skip the first number and the second one is even
Skip the third and the next one's even as well
         Bb                                                   F
Skip the next, take the next, skip the next, take, skip, take
(same as "Skip, take" verse)
You like French fries, but you don't like French fries
You've got socks on, but you don't have socks on
You're a girl, but you're a boy, girl, boy, girl

(same as "Two, four, six, eight" part)
Sixteen, fourteen, twelve, ten
Skip our way back down again
Eight, six, four, two
You but not you but you

(scale part again)
Yes no yes no yes no yes no red green red green red green red
She loves me she loves me not she loves me she loves me not she

F       Dm       Bb     F  (while numbers are named. alternatey thing is still happening.)

*The alternatey thing:
The keyboard is not just playing F, Dm, and Bb. It's doing this go-up-and-down by whole steps thing. So I say, go F-G-F-G-F-G-F-G Dm-Em-Dm-Em-Dm-Em-Dm-Em Bb-C-Bb-C-Bb-C-Bb-C F.
Of course, on the F chord, the piano plays the ultra low F and then the chord.