Guitar Tab:Drink!

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By: They Might Be Giants
Key: C Major
Year: 2001
Tabbed By: Tisher
          Am      Em               
I'll take back my piñata
     Dm        G
it's wasted on you
     Am            Em
Just spinning that pool cue
    Dm       G
all over the room
    C             Am
And give back the blindfold
       F          G
that's under your shoe

       F       Em          Dm         G
Let's drink,  drink, this town is so great
F       Em                Dm        G                 
Drink,  drink, cause it's never too late 
    F       Em        Dm        G
To drink,  drink, to no big surprise
    Am         C/G         F C/E  Dm    C
But what words rhyme with "buried alive"?
Am	   C           F C/E  Dm   C
What words rhyme with "buried alive"?

You could be a float 
for the Fourth of July
Based on your theme
of "Wallflowers Grown Wild"
Look through your peephole
you've won every prize


In your monkey suit
on a cigarette break
the lunch time crowd 
they won't even blink
    C        Am
but you'd be sad
F       G
if they did
    Am     F  G
but you'll be sad