Guitar Tab:Cyclops Rock

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Cyclops Rock
By: They Might Be Giants
Key: C Major
Year: 2001
Tabbed By: JJRRutgers

Chime notes:	G	F	G


F	            C/E       G
I taught you how to Cyclops Rock and then you
C               Dm       Em
Turn around and break my heart
F        C/E       G
Waste my Cyclops time
C          F       G
Mess up my Cyclops mind

Verse 1:

Lead Part


C	 Bb	C          Bb      C        Bb          C       Bb
I'm sick like Chucky was sick my defeated heart keeps beating on
        C   Bb   C             Bb       C       Bb      C       Bb
I won't die like Chucky won't die, but I'm not here to socialize
      F                   Dm                   Am                 Bb
Gotta find a new place to hang out because I'm tired of living in hell

Verse 2:

I'm a mess since you cut me out, but Chucky's arm keeps me company
I'm a fright, with my tombstone smile, all the children run away from me
Gotta find new friends to hang, cause you're all afraid of me


Guitar solo:
C	Bb	C	Bb	C	Bb	C	Bb

Verse 3:

It was sweet, like lead paint is sweet but the after effects left me paralyzed
I just stare with my one glass eye hoping you won't be back again
There's a whole new generation, waiting to be wrecked by you


F       C/E      G                C            Dm            Em
Harley, twist, Monkey and früg, these are the things that I taught to you
F       C/E     G                       C/G          F              G        G
Hitchhike, boogie, hypocrite, bop, I'm stuck in a van outside of New York. Ahhhhhhhh!

Chorus (This time with I've got a Cyclops mind)